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The sophisticated society which Calgarians can create, while paving the way to ending poverty in Calgary, Alberta & Our nation at large.


The 'Equity' issue that has been coming to Calgary, and is now here.  What we will need to do, in order to break out of the cycle, which
has us believing that we must choose between Equity and Equality.  We can have both if we learn how to perform. {E = Quality of life}

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Timeline Alberta
How did we get here Alberta.  See the 'Paid in Full' on our debt in 2004, and now how much do we have?  The current
conventional approach is statistically and empirically proven to be the wrong course of action for freedom of choice and liberty for all.

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History Is not Our Fault: But the Future Is
Trauma is always unique to the individual.  But paranoia is a state of being.  The millennial generation is the bridge to 2 sides.  An entire generation that came out of a state of induced paranoia and the newer generations which will not care about the economics of 'old energy.'
It will take individuals, backed by large groups, to heal our citizenry an restore our economics.
And it is entirely possible for Calgary, Alberta & Our nation at large.
As the leader of Calgary's Impact Society stated:
"Not since the second world war have Alberta's young people been at greater risk than today."

History is not our fault
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