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Dear ALBERTA TREASURY BRANCH.  The path has been created for you to become the OVERSEER, which you were first established to be.  While the moment, to many individuals seems to have passed, they stand incorrect.  As the Si-g-Ns (and Science) speaks to us and the words are this:
Not only was ATB CHOSEN, but their time has now arrived.

Introductory messages are below.
WE seek to meet and break bread, not solely with the SOVEREIGN but with the sovereigns of ATB.  This, so that WE may ascertain the level of trust established as well as to present them with what they will need to begin this Great Undertaking.  As they will not only keep, but begin to CLAIM land(s) for all who are currently here and who still Strive to LIVE AUTHENTICALLY!

Options for your Comfort

The Video and the Document are the same written/spoken words for individual preference.  Different imagery and of course audio/visual augmentation are applied to these crafts.
This is done for the comfort of those who prefer one format over another, or for those who prefer to play the video as audio for sight-reading the script.

video format {link to youtube}

The council message.  Delivered to us through the tongue of our original being.

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