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After 2 years of canvassing and speaking with people from all over these lands, I have found a path for
the people upon the lands of Calgary, Alberta & Palliser's Triangle, to follow towards Providence.
It is not about changing the system it is about empowering it through the people.  As unfortunately we are allowing
ourselves to be dependent not only on debt but on Governments that are sunken with debt.
Below is a plea, although veiled, our Prime Minister asked for help:

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I can't answer what the government is doing, without speculation (which leads to quite large thoughts).  Also, Alberta is the focus.  However, what government is supposed to be is the ultimate insurance for not just groups but individuals.  However, how can you insure an indebted society?

It seems as though we are all content with playing a large game of musical chairs, instead of building more chairs, so that the game can end and people can all have a seat at the same table.

July 23, 2021


Times are frustrating and asking the government for help at this time, with maneuvers that are completely outside of their capabilities, is no longer going to assist us.  Again it's not about change, it's about empowerment.  The answers that our newspapers, media and our local businesses seek is found through investigating and reporting on the real market.

The stories that will be mined and the lessons which can be communicated to the common-folk is a strategy for the media to rely on.  As we work to drive more business to the people of these lands as opposed to all the foreign interest which has captured many of our minds, here.


I am a Storyteller who has spent a great deal of their time learning through experience, such as having many highlights and awards in various retail sectors.  As well as speaking to and testing out the law society and energy sectors, who reign as authorities in our lands. 

When the pandemic hit, my capacitated ability to read the economy through people, meant that it was time for me to begin my Sojourn through these lands to mine our collective-mind (aka the common-folk).  So that we could bring them together for our common good.  Now I await, as these individuals and owners have been asked to trust someone who they only know is from here.  And while precedents have been set, I am seeking the help of other Calgarian's to bring the credibility needed to speak to the people whose ears have stopped allowing any creativity to come through as we have had our minds templated by the inequity which Foreign Interest has created.

We do not have to choose between Equity and Equality as the media suggests.  We just have to perform.
We seek not to take back just one or two markets.  We seek to hold all markets.  In this way the people of these Great lands (everyone here now); will once again find the prosperity they so justly deserve!

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We are here for those born to these lands and those who plan to make their lives a part of these lands.  And for those who are traveling through, thank you, for supporting and not capitalizing on those deemed the most vulnerable among us.

Tell Me: Calgary, what should our group focus be?

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