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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you not have a conventional job to supplement your income while pursuing this?
•What benefits do you guarantee to people who support this charitable fund?
•Is this really a charitable fund or are you just saying that to support your own life and not work?
•Why do you believe you have the answers for so many issues?
•Why do you focus on Calgary, Alberta & Palliser's Triangle?
•What about other people, such as those in Saskatchewan or Manitoba who are not within Palliser's Triangle?
•How will you ensure trust through this charitable fund?
•How do you know this is the right course of action for society?
•How did you come to create/follow this pathway?
•Why did you send so many documents to people around Calgary?
•Why are you someone to support in this endeavour?
•Why aren't you volunteering for an existing charity or working for the public sector?
•Why are the young adult's (YAS) and Artists main priorities in your strategy?
•But you are not a famous artist, so how can your art be valuable?
•What is the biggest reason, in your opinion for our economic issues

Why do you not have a conventional job to supplement your income while pursuing this?
1. Many of the positions available to me, due to my previous career path, are assisting through their nature the compounding of the problem in our economy.  As many of them derive additional profits then what are necessary for operating business, and those monetary benefits are shared with individuals and groups who do not have the ability to re-spend in our economy, or who do so only to derive further profit from our losses.
2.  It is the case that habitually working for profit-seeking ventures can cause the thinking-mind to form a perspective into seeing the world on a cash-basis and not a people-basis.  While this is not the case for all, it is common for this, spell of sorts, to create a descending spiral of reticence to help without receiving immediate or negotiated benefits apart from when extreme losses impact in the heart-mind.  This due to the depressed nature of the economy.  Which seemingly corrupts the nature of trust between neighbours, friends and even family members.
3. I have been seeking a job, but with the lockdowns, pandemic scares, inauthentic job postings and a discovery of my own mental trauma, caused largely by the economic depression and the havoc it has been wreaking upon families and friendships, albeit subtly over the course of at least 2 decades.  It was very important that until a good local enough option presented itself, that I focus on remedies and solutions for our society and not solely myself.
4. Lastly, it is the case due to my unconventional path, 'Avant Garde' style and passion to be a creative.  That conventional positions largely harm my introverted character.  Therefore I am careful in protecting my whole health, at least, more than when I was younger and thus more naïve to these understandings.

What benefits do you guarantee to people who support this charitable fund? [Back to Top]
None, apart from what I can do to further the progress in the minds of lawmakers, authorities and other institutional powers.  This I regard as true trust. As it is the case that I could fail and therefore, would be at the very least disingenuous with any such guarantees.

Is this really a charitable fund or are you just saying that to support your own life and not work? [Back to Top]
While this is a matter of opinion.  I am capacitated through the fact that others can judge for themselves, based on my work and sacrifices.  It is the case that for the past two years, I worked to forgo roles that would provide a higher income to myself than what the average person of my age would normally expect to make.  It is the case that I have had to forgo real property, long-term investments, medical care such as dental privileges enjoyed by many, relationships which were strained by even just the scope of this endeavour and many other comforts that most people here readily enjoy.

It is also the case, that I have had to endure great social pressures and my character was trespassed against as some sought to silent messages such as "Every Child Matters," or "Live Authentically," and used attacks based upon my identity in order to remove me from places open to the public.

I have also diligently, maintained a routine of producing arts and works at a rate that is largely unmatched by many on the conventional paths.  This I did while also being deep in study and research of law, accounting and many beliefs.  Both in book learning and from exposing myself to the toils of discussing with many people, who were largely strangers to me.  Which was certainly difficult while operating primarily as an introverted being.

Why do you believe you have the answers for so many issues? [Back to Top]

I don't.  I have the answer for how to get our local economy to work for the people upon these lands in a way that upholds our trade relations, but instills more benefits for us.  Solely, so that we can maintain ourselves.  However, we must reduce our consumerism behaviours of convenience and if the citizenry can upgrade themselves.  They, which is us, will have the capacity to solve the larger issues, such as: The cultural issues known as 'isms;' the legal and law issues of equality; the accounting issues of fraud and bribery; and many of the health issues which are largely created through stress upon the well-being of groups and individuals.

Why do you focus on Calgary, Alberta & Palliser's Triangle? [Back to Top]
1. The world is to large, to focus on and I hope that once we reach equilibrium we will be able to 'Spread Good' outwardly.
2.  A city or province alone cannot accomplish this as we must be able to work interdependently towards an independence of sorts.
3. It is the case that Calgary, Alberta and other such names are defined by boundaries that are placed on a map and not of the land itself.  This in legal terms, is known as 'De Facto.'  And while it is still written and thus not fully comprising what is meant by the term reality, law would seek something 'De Jure,' to build upon.  Palliser's Triangle, does not need its name in order to be distinguished upon the land, as it
is a wonder of nature which just happens to cross 3 provinces which outline it on a map.

What about other people, such as those in Saskatchewan or Manitoba who are not within Palliser's Triangle?
 [Back to Top]
1. We cannot focus to far out, otherwise the economic issues will not be contained long enough for the velocity required to breakthrough
the indebtedness issues.
2. Many in those areas are within rural accordance and therefore less likely to be swamped with debt in their local economies.
3. By doing it this way, we are able to supply enough work energy to the main hubs in those provinces, and it should be their responsibility to share the power and wealth in responsible ways, so as to continue this Act and 'pay it forward,' so to speak.  Their own governments already have mandates to assure the people within those provincial boundaries but not within Palliser's Triangle itself.

How will you ensure trust through this charitable fund?
 [Back to Top]
While it is likely impossible, to ensure all who support and also benefit from this venture are always honest.  IT is the case, that striving to live authentically is the goal.  And many who do not do this to a high capacity, or do so through the means of clever words meant to deceive or draw the common-mind away from more heinous acts, will fall when they attempt to pass the bar held within: The Court of Authentic Living.  This court is set up by way of an Act for enabling the people upon the lands of Calgary, Alberta and Palliser's Triangle.  Only to be dissolved once the equity issues of our courts and municipalities are no longer in the way of equally applying justice to the more serious portions of law.

How do you know this is the right course of action for society?
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The signs are shown and evidenced within the data and research given to us by the government and other large institutional powers:
1. Our economy is ever increasing in debt and this has been the case since 2004 and was also the case before that.
2.The law society of Alberta, tried and failed in 1989 at protecting Trade Barriers and this allowed other provinces and also foreign countries to pillage through 'white collar' messages our local economy in a way that our people could not comprehend and often not sense.
This due more to the recency of sophisticated education upon these lands (we are younger than many other places as a society), and less due to any comparisons for common-intelligence, as the people here are not dumb but are often deceived for purposes of foreign interest.
3. The CRA has provided the path, as they provide tax benefits, which when appropriately claimed and utilized create a roadmap towards
local and Art.  Thereby showing the remedy needed in order to get a large masses of people back to the prosperity of real wealth.  These principles are not new and have been in accounting knowledge ever since Providence was brought to North America.
4. While hidden through stealthy and clever measures.  Precedents for the success of this path have already been set, followed and currently are securing much more sophisticated societies than what seems possible.  This because it is believed that 'Free City States,' no longer exist and yet they are more prevalent than what can be seen through conventional means of education and media operating upon our lands.

How did you come to create/follow this pathway? [Back to Top]
Approximately, 13 years ago I stopped questioning the belief system I had been raised within.  As it seemed that to many unanswered questions had proved that, at the very least, it was not the belief system for me.  While the people within that system will likely hold a different disposition than I, due largely to perspective, on what happened next.  It is the case, that this was the impetus for me to first feel the effects of not only a shunning and betrayal but also the loss of real property and security to the intangible thing known as 'home.'  And I mean that in every connotative sense of that word.

However, not physical harm has ever come to me from that belief system or those who participate in it, other than some minor 'growing pains.'  While unrecognized at the time, a deep mental trauma was placed upon me, as it is the case that much of what I was taught, now in the light of questions was largely lies and justifications.  But again, this is my perspective and so I can comprehend how those still within the belief system may and do have their own opinions which are largely in contrast with my own.

It is also the case, that while working for wholly foreign corporations with a very awarded career in sales, management and as a skilled trainer.  That I was often left without the appropriate prescriptions of law, being adjudicated.  This due to an unwillingness to quit in the face of discriminatory practices that were set to harm myself and other people upon these lands who worked hard and had loyalty to the organizations, as we had thought that loyalty was the right thing to supply to employers who paid us.

The last place I was ever terminated from, did so due to a necessity placed upon them through the restrictions of the lock-down.  And even though times in terms of working capital were tougher on them, then any of the other companies who had ever terminated me.  They treated me fairly according to the legal system.  And it is noted that the biggest motivator for treating me this way, while stifling the conventional greed that corrupts profit-seeking ventures, was because they were largely a local business.

While experiencing all of these various situations, I dutifully researched and studies law and economics.  I spoke with many people who are often referred to either individual or as a group as the "they" people, when referenced by the commoner in the midst of complaining about systemic issues.  I also spoke with the common-mind quite frequently over the past two years ,by placing my introverted character in many extroverted situations and pressed real issues into the realms of discussion so as to poll, survey and canvass many neighbourhoods and cultures within Calgary.  As I believe our diversity, is an asset against the 'War on Equity' when utilized properly.  It is also likely that I have spent over 80,000 hours researching internet material.  Due to my age and being apart of the only generation to truly 'grow up with the internet,' as well as my proclivity towards introversion.

At a young age, I was provided with a comfort to hard-work and labour, which allowed me to develop my social skills to a point of displaying extroversion and from there it was a matter of learning how to maintain my energy for creative purposes and I did not have 'outlets' until my later years.  This afforded me the skills of an ambivert, despite my natural introversion.

Hopefully that helps to substantiate this pathway towards sophisticated economics.

Why did you send so many documents to people around Calgary? 
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1. It is the case, that most people do not have the time to not only think about this issue in its macro states.  But also, most don't have the time to even give my emails real thought.  Therefore, I likely did not take up anyone's time and the choice was theirs to pay attention or not.
2. It is the case, that when doing something official and of this magnitude that notice be given publicly and therefore this has been accomplished.
3.  It is the case, that while discussing controversial topics such as what is in the current cultural climate, that many people may take offense if they are seemingly on the other side while this is secreted or widely known.  Therefore, it was prudent of me in the face of many veiled messages amongst my neighbours which implied the message of "shhh," to ensure that I did not succumb to social pressures, which may have allowed harm to certain individuals or groups to continue.  Whether directly or indirectly caused by those doing the shushing.
4.  I have done things in the past, for which my name is known to certain powerful parties.  And therefore, I was able to send private notice through way of public means, and hope that these people get the message and begin doing what they can to help reciprocate some of the great benefits they have been entitled to while working diligently, whether consciously or not, against the interests of the people here.

Why are you someone to support in this endeavour?  [Back to Top]
•Through experiential wisdom. I have gained an ability in art and creation, a high degree of business acumen, and a propensity of learning through the specialty of generalization.  Enough so that I can claim expertise in the Art of "Actuarial Sociometry."
•I am also proven to have successfully won in court procedures, without any real legal advice.
•I have gone through rigors of the housing market in lengths that the average person upon these lands has not fathomed, let alone walked.
•I am not effected as other novice artists are, and can withstand negative feedback about my work or art style.
•I have been focused on the 'Theory of Everything' for our local economy for 13 years now.
•I have held middle positions in corporations, while turning down higher positions due solely to the knowledge that the privileges I was to receive, were being given so that I not only became privy to, but participated in practices which were discriminatory and reductive in nature to the common-good of the people here.
•I have experienced not only the temptation but the turmoil of true addiction to substances and activities which have claimed many and was able to will myself to a better standing.  Therefore I have an increased capacity for empathizing with those stuck in abusive cycles and the faculty knowledge of how to help others, help themselves.
•I have no real bonds, which prevent me from doing this work.
•My family members and friends within my trust circle, have made it known that they are comfortable taking a back seat, in terms of the 'Mandates of True Trust,' which are required for this venture.  Whilst still seeking to support, where and how they can.
•My unwavering commitment to this specific approach to healing people through healing the economy, is seemingly unmatched within these lands.

Why aren't you volunteering for an existing charity or working for the public sector? 
 [Back to Top]
The simple answer is that I am not cut-out, so to speak for that type of work.
However, it should also be re-stated here, that many these places while doing very immediate and necessary short-term good.  Need help in terms of consistency of funding, which is difficult for the government to provide while remaining solely in an economy that is subject to supply and demand constraints which are solely outside of their control.  Much of this do to the indebtedness factors, increasing in size and scope almost in perpetuity.

Why are the young adult's (YAS) and Artists main priorities in your strategy? 
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IT is the case that true Artist's will provide the creative force and with authenticity as the direction, we will find answers and inspirations through them.  Also, when produced appropriately, their works provide the greatest obstacle to the tentacles of inflation and other debt increasing measures.
For the young adults, they are simply the generating force in every economy and are ready to work, learn and do what is necessary to further both themselves and others.  By providing them foundational supports by way of the 5 basic needs.  They will be able to work without the same stresses that many others were hardened by or succumbed to when their generations went through that age cycle.

Artists are also found within every professional class, whether it be law, accounting, trades and so on.  So the conventional view of what Art is, blocks the common-mind from discovering true Art.  This as we often place things into categories and so struggle as individuals to even appreciate the skills and expressions of those still in amateur or novice capacities.  This ignorance on the issue of Art, is why many less talented people often have their art appreciated highly, due to other attributes an investor may value.  While many skilled people, who produce what would be considered better in the common-mind, are left out of the unfair competition, sometimes solely due to identity issues which should never have come into play.

Are you vaccinated against Covid?  [Back to Top]
At the time of this writing, I am awaiting my second dose appointment with Alberta Health Services.  My reasoning for not immediately applying for a vaccine is multi-layered.  As it is the case that I believed in the beginning that other people would benefit in greater proportion, due to various factors such as age, where they worked, amount of people in their private dwellings, among other things.  I also felt as though I could not think critically about this issue while skeptic thought was seemingly curtailed and had to wait for myself to gain confidence in a more comprehensive understanding of the choices and results for something that is still relatively new even in the medical realms.  I have placed a link here, to Lex Friedman's #216 podcast with Vincent Racaniello, who holds a position within Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons.  He is also a specialist in the realms of biology and immunology and has shown in the past a trait that is highly valued in science, wherein it seems he is comfortable with finding out he was wrong, based on his feelings on the viability of using RNA in the past, due solely to its fragility.  I also listened to many other discussions and researched information available to both myself and the public before making my decision.  Partly due to my unwillingness to just believe based on social pressure, and because I have had heart and other complications while in my youth.  I also, was dealing with the stresses of facing some of the difficulties that those in poverty are subjected to daily, as I had to place myself within certain confines and restrictions in order to create a faculty of empathy towards the generalization of feelings within this subsector of society.  And so, the Covid disease or virus was not always my most immediate concern in terms of well being.

I also believe, that the right to choice, is of upmost importance and still defend anybody's right to this even in the face of a pandemic.  As it is the case that power corrupts and would not be shocking if authorities decided to use these new mandated precedents of mass-lockdown for other purposes in the future.

It is the case, that those with the vaccine are better protected, and thus the real risk is on the unvaccinated.  While I have heard many reports about the burden on the healthcare system.  I also recognize that local business itself, and thus our economy, which is our only prevention for poverty (a massive disease in itself, which effects the mind, body and emotions of our populous).  Was locked-down, while big box retailers were able to gain quite a bit of advantage in terms of territory, capital and holdings.

I did take my own preventative measures such as spending much of the alarming stages of the lockdown (1 and 2) inside and did not attend many of these large centers, even for basic needs such as groceries.  As I felt that this suppression of people into just a few places, increased the viral load within these centers and was not impressed by the lack of awareness in terms of upgrading ventilation and other alleviating measures.

I was not around many people in those first few stages and only around a few who were in the age groups that seemingly had a more difficult time in dealing and getting through the disease itself.  While staying with two in this age group, previous to the vaccine being available, I remained inside their home, save routine trips to two small convenience styled shops within their vicinity.  The only other person I spent much time with, who was both unvaccinated and in the riskier age groups, was one who claimed they had previously had at least the virus and was immunized due to this fact.  While not something mandated here, the precedent was set by a George Mason University Professor, who had the State of Georgia, validate this by winning a case for the argument of immunization through having survived the disease, when no vaccine was available.  I also were a mask during mandates, wash my hands more regularly than the average person here and typically have a bottle of sanitizer for personal use with me.  I do also work to keep my immune system high through various methods.

As the vaccination being more in supply and the percentage of people going out into the public rose in terms of vaccination.  Only then did I return to my canvassing efforts as those who were out in public had made their private decisions or like myself were seeking more skeptical information for the purposes of critical thinking.  I do recognize that while it may not go into the hands of the nurses and other public sector employees, that a vast amount of capital was moved to the public sector side and will likely be needed for dealing with the mental health issues that are likely to erupt from the disruptive measures which needed to take place in order to quell the outbreaks.

I also recognize that there really was a lot of misinformation on all media channels and it was difficult for many to disseminate all of this into terms which were understandable to their own self.  Again, I state I am not against vaccines, nor rights of those who decide against them.  As I have had them myself in the past and have faced side effects, often subtle, while others I felt no side effects from.  I recognize that there is a difference between having the virus and having the disease and am a little alarmed that local news has not done a better job of explaining this.  As it likely would have reduced the impact placed upon the hospital spaces and their staff. Both of which are seemingly over-burdened and harming the capacity for care in our health care system.

Therefore, I do believe that I have and continue to take the necessary precautions for ensuring the safety of those around me and cannot simply do things because others walk with fear.  Especially when the vaccine is freely available for others to take should they wish.  And can not be held accountable for those that do have this shield but still catch the virus or succumb to the disease, as the efficacy rates which are claimed through science, should withstand and and account for the 30% of people in this province who currently are reported as not fully vaccinated.  As it is the case that divorce rates, abuse rates and suicide rates (especially amongst our youth), need to be and only can be addressed through better stimulation of our economy and proper utilization of our capital resources.  

So again, I am waiting for an appointment for the vaccination.  However, it is right to continue to make inwards towards a middle-way which can allow us not to be trapped within a system wherein large foreign corporations and our national healthcare system have control of all the capital resources needed for us to have real freedoms and rights which work for the common-good.

But you are not a famous artist, so how can your art be valuable?  [Back to Top]
As it is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  So it is with art.  My 'Avant Garde' graphic style, is not solely due to amateurish creations.  I will get better in time, as is the case with practice and skill.  However, I am able to convey large concepts fairly concisely through these means and this is crucial for my true Art.  Which is "Actuarial Sociometry," as I will be able to provide the concepts needed for restoring our economic prosperity to more skilled and professional artists, within various fields.  They will be able to use these, in order to anchor their productions to the common-good and will find value for themselves, greater than what is currently offered to them locally.  In this way, my Art will appreciate as the economic prosperity rises.  And will become a way for our people to secure not only their individual standings but the economy as a whole.

Many may not enjoy my style and many will.  However, all will benefit from the work in restoring the economy and providing remedies for the legal system.  So that solutions can be found with our common-law.

•What is the biggest reason, in your opinion for our economic issues?   [Back to Top]
To many Connotations in our language.  Most are seemingly derived through a protection of knowledge.  Which did make sense up until the late 90's, in terms of protecting both an individual station and our common-wealth.  Now though, the issues have grown so much that law and many other derivative values have been priced to high for the commoner to truly have an opportunity for real justice, at least routinely.
As an example, I place here the example of 'positive vs negative.'  In physics terms.  No electrical circuit has ever truly been positive to negative.  The charge from the positive end must be received for the circuit to work properly.  This is the same with passing energy back and forth in discussions or even in the more physical qualities of romance and relationships.  Positive to receptive are the appropriate terms in communicating how both circuitry and even love work.  Negative is a negating force and it actually serves as a gate that blocks receptivity.  This and many more connotations which misrepresent the reality of things have cause many splits within the common-mind and can is evidenced in the often used catchphrase of complaint that 'common-sense no longer exists.'


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