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Dear friends, supporters, inquisitors, councilors, haters, executives, sponsors, owners, solicitors,
traders, druids, operators, wise-elders, young adults, lawyers, Investors, politicians, Artists, witnesses, accountants, officers, educators, barristers, managers, watchers, front-end staff, grounders, schemers,
robots, marketers, islanders, judges, agents, psychologists, nurses, operators,
athletes, sales-people, poachers, wizards, frozens, rulers, leaders and more...

All Your Feedback has been appreciated.  It is time we get to work.
"The Last and First Lemurian" is a publication to answer the questions of our collective-mind
and provide you, Individual Reader, with the comprehension you haven't just been asking for.
Your world and your nation has been lying to you...
You are all apart of the story.  As you are all here in:
Calgary, Alberta & Palliser's Triangle.
And many of you need or will soon need legal remedies and
real wealth/false debt solutions. So stop reaching out to politicians and authorities who only have
the power to manage the debt.
Equity or Equality?  These lands can have both if the people learn how to PERFORM.

Below is the first official message that we sent to all:

Hello to the Artists and Non-Artists of Palliser's Triangle, Alberta and especially Calgary...


Hello to the Artists and non-Artists.

Hello to the alliance members and non-alliance members.

Hello to the young adults and the non-young adults.


Many of you have been blind-copied into this as you fall into the category of Artist, alliance member or young adult.

What these categories and their counterparts mean is more up to you than it is to me.

However, it relates very much to creativity.  Which is what is needed at this moment.


We live in a world which is 'vibration = light' and yet all of you live within societies and cultures which are very much

time = money.  I do not know what that means to each of you individually, yet I can speak for the consciousness of these lands.

It means very much that the people within the bounded, lands of Calgary, Alberta & Palliser's Triangle are operating from a "control out of fear" perspective.  This, not "hate" is the opposite of love.  Love vs fear.


Yet, the people here are not like those upon other lands.  And the sophisticated classes operating in world spheres know this.  That is why, time and time again these lands give more to the world than they get back.  I write to you all now as a shift has happened in terms of energy.  Again, I do not know what that means to you, individual reader.  I only know it's happened and many of you are aware of it.  For those who haven't SEEN it yet, you still FEEL it.  And you only haven't seen it, because so many forces are being mustered to ensure your attention stays everywhere else except {accept} for locally and that starts within the home.


Firstly, I will say "History is not our fault.  But the future is."  What this means is that there are legal remedies and solutions of law, which can be applied to heal many unique situations which people currently do and will face.  As we restore hurt people, they become helped people. This is a key to comprehend.  As well as they key of understanding that work to heal people manifests in many different forms as we are all layered beings.  Hurt people hurt people, and helped people, once restored, help people.  Economics is as simple as that.  As economics is our behaviors (numbers are the 'after-maths').


I will leave it up to you, individual reader, to decide on whether or not you wish to believe in a brighter future.  Or whether, you believe following the programs as they are laid out for this society is the right course of action.  As I do have a story to write and for those who know what the true power of what stories can do for individuals and groups... It is time to stop hiding it for yourself.  As that only clouds the 'lite' which are in people.  Thereby diminishing it (fear clouds) and making it harder for others to figure out how to switch on their own 'lites.'


Art can do many more things for not only you, individual reader, but for societies and cultures.  For evidence, you only need to look 'the world over.'  However, the wisdom is not in selling art solely for money, which can be wiped out by inflation tsunamis at any time.  The wisdom comes with belief.  These, "Art & Wisdom," are endearingly known as my Liquid Swords.  And I know many of you comprehend that reference on the surface, but I want to show you what's underground.  The place where the roots grow.


We free our Artists and young adults, so that they can play in the societal story and not simply routine themselves into their corporate roles; and we will find liberties, benefits and allowances for all in these lands.


The choice is yours good people of Calgary.  The feelings that I have indicate that there is no better place on earth but here, to begin this story and that will become more evident within the coming months.  Many who resist this message, will unfortunately feel it in their personal relationships.  However, for those that do seek to believe in optimism, they will be able to help support the others, once our foundation is built.


But for more on this and how Actuarial Sociometry truly is an art... 

For why I am capacitated to write the story which these lands need. Simply read the publication which is now out.  I even gave it an "Executive Summary" for the business minded.  To begin, I simply ask you not to peruse the introduction or decide to read it in any order.  Do what you like.  Just read the table of contents page I attached to this email.  If it interests you, then you can download the PDF freely, as it is the first thing which appears on the website.  There is still time to live a life of fun and wonder...  Without a silly 'carpet' ride 😉




The societal game, to uplift ourselves through creativity and thereby re-store our economy, is ready.  But it begins with your belief, dear reader.

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