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Can an economy be remedied?

My Art is about showing the inside needs to be praised the same as the outside.

But we can't pretend we don't see things just as we cannot deny that we feel things,

otherwise, our communication sucks.

It is not substance over style, or ego over fashion.

It's about both, functional Art for the soul, or ego, or whatever people wish to "call" their

unexplainable intangibles.  Real but in a non-physical way.  But unable to deny when you

are aware of your senses and faculties.

This seemingly unconnected fore-word, is entirely what's up with our economy.

As the people inside of localities, are better connected with world trade than they are

with simple principles of being a good neighbor, running a good business, and having

our 'big box' stores listen to the culture.  Except when 'appearances' matter!

As they say in the courts, the 'spirit of the law' is missing.

The Global professional class has taken to much 'Creative License' and what is happening

in Calgary, Alberta & our nation at large , is a battle of nuance.

This is my Art.  I am Vague, True and ready to launch when the people are ready to work

together for a better quality of life, where they live and not simply where they dwell or reside.


A physics example for
clean economics.

The economy is often displayed as a chart or graph in communication.  The 2D appearance, often leaves out

much of the complexity and nuance which is in a word, that can encompass societies, belief systems and many other large institutional powers.  While at the same time, relating to things such as homes, communities, families and small relationships.

The sphere of economics is an appropriate representation, for the goal of ending poverty.

Translucent material, no break connections,

click here to see the 20 minute video on transforming

a sphere, if you like the mechanics of this ideology.

The values are displayed all throughout my Artwork and can be summarized in the following messages:


This is for all the people who dwell, live, work and reside in Calgary, Alberta & our nation at large.  For those who may be travelling through, thank you, for not seeking to capitalize upon our vulnerable sector while we work to restore our people.

last and first (revised).PNG

It is an Art, which I describe as the science of performing economies.

It has the ability to observe the behaviours, before the numbers.  The causes that created current effects and how to remove business activity from dangerous cycles.

In a city with such a diversified portfolio of people with highly developed skill.  Actuarial Sociometry is the release, which

is required for an evolution of thought to take place.

It has set the boundaries of fiction, and seeks the trust needed to actualize individual dreams into our group reality.

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