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Calgary Marketing for the People [PDF size is 2.9 MB]
The Art of Discussion:
  • Act 1​. Chest or Pouch? [PDF size is 4MB]
  • Act 2. Economic Cultures! [PDF size is 2MB]
Market Specific Outlines:
  • Retail Furniture Project. [PDF size is 1.3MB]
  • Pilot Project for Jewelry Centres. [PDF size is 2.3MB]
  • Calgary Opera. [PDF size is 2.7MB]
  • Calgary Arts Development. [PDF is 1.7MB]
  • FBC Marketing Proposal. [PDF is 1.7MB]
  • Preliminary Proposal Local Cannabis (Retail Supply) Alliance. [PDF size is 1.9MB]
  • Kingsland Junction:  The story of ending poverty chapter 1. [PDF Size is 3.7 MB]
  • Advantage for Automotive Dealerships. [PDF size is 2.5MB]
  • Advantage for Insurance & Group Benefits.  [PDF size is 2.4MB]
  • Advantage for Retail Wood Supply [PDF size is 5MB]
​General Outlines:
  • Authentic Occupational Advantage 'Business Authenticity.' [PDF size is 3MB]
    • A 20 Page document to provide a general outline of how local business can form more than just an orderly fashion.  As to provide actionable strategies which will begin to generate a share of wealth, due to operating for aligned goals​ and against unrecognized pressures upon our economy.
  • Authentic Living Advantage 'Live Authentically.' [PDF size is 700 KB]​
    • Written both in a personal style and also artistically.  This document provides a basis for how specialized artists could work to establish precedents with the help of the larger community.  The efforts are being directed towards increasing our 3 basic needs of Food, Shelter and Clothing.  To 5, by including Security and Personal Space for our municipalities to adopt.  As it is the case that our youth and Skilled People will need assistance as they work to flow with the current war on equity which the world is creating, rather than succumbing to the same pressures other areas will.
  • The Last and first Lemurian (Debugging Reality One Act at a Time). [PDF is 65MB]
    • This document explains the Art (graphic, musical) and the creative direction for this site and Artist.
    • For this the table of contents is provided here: • My True Art: Actuarial Sociometry. • Introduction.  •  Executive Summary. • The Messages & Mission Statements. • Sources of Knowledge. • Tutorial Pages for Comprehending a Lemurian. • Visual Glossary. •The Murals. • The Packets. • The Miscellaneous. • The Works • Serious {Sirius} Matters. • The "Locked" Pages.
  • The Act for enabling the people upon these lands. (Court of Authentic Living). [PDF is 115 KB]
    • A 'Whereas' style document, written to establish a court and system, for the purposes of mediating the equity issue for all 3 courts systems which operate upon the lands of Calgary, Alberta and surrounding areas.  So that equality can be reached amongst our people, ahead of the world economy enforcing certain restrictions to attempt to achieve justice through radical conformity.
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