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"History is not our Fault: But the Future is"

Below is a Brief Packet for PAX Indigo, as well as other Brief Packets which could be utilized by locals to improve,
their business operations, sales and link them to skilled professionals in order to build intercommunity bridges for the purpose of Helping Hurt people.
"Hurt people, Hurt people.  But Helped people, once restored, Help people."

Although it requires the assistance of many people.  I am an Artist who specializes in 'Actuarial Sociometry,'
Please see the other packets, below, for more details.

Asset 23.png
PDF (03 MB)
Asset 26.png
PDF (03 MB)
Asset 25.png
Anchor 1
PDF (08 MB)
Asset 24.png
PDF (03 MB)
Asset 22.png
PDF (10 MB)
Asset 21.png
PDF (08 MB)
Asset 17.png
PDF (03 MB)
Asset 20.png
PDF (05 MB)
Asset 18.png
PDF (07 MB)
Asset 19.png
PDF (07 MB)
PDF (55 MB)
This is all of them combined
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